Within The Scouting Company, my role encompasses that of co-founder and head scout.


1. Southampton FC – International European Scout (12 Years)

  • Successfully scouted and identified top talent from across Europe to strengthen Southampton FC’s squad.
  • Contributed to the club’s development and growth in the international football scene.

2. FC Utrecht and Telstar – Technical Director

  • As Technical Director, played a pivotal role in shaping the footballing philosophy and strategy of this club.
  • Implemented effective player development programs and scouting systems to enhance team performance.

3. KNVB National Coach for Youth and Women Teams

  • Guided and nurtured the future stars of Dutch football as the coach for various youth and women’s national teams.
  • Helped shape the footballing landscape by mentoring young talents.

4. Scout for the National Team of Holland (1987/1988/1989)

  • Identified and recommended top-notch talent to represent the Dutch national team during these crucial years.
  • Contributed to the success and reputation of Dutch football on the international stage.

5. Managerial Roles (FC Emmen, FC Eindhoven, and FC Wageningen)

  • Managed and coached these clubs, instilling winning mentalities and improving team dynamics.
  • Gained invaluable experience in leading teams in competitive football environments.

6. FA Iran National Coach

  • Undertook the prestigious role of coaching the Iranian national team, bringing international expertise to the footballing landscape in Iran.