Within The Scouting Company, my role encompasses that of live scout from Belgium.


  • Progressed through all youth series at A.S. Ostend, establishing a solid foundation in the early stages of the sporting journey.
  • Contributed as a provincial division player, gaining valuable experience on the field.
  • Transitioned into a role as a youth coach in the Provincial division, specifically coaching cadets and juniors.
  • Served as a Youth Prospector for the Royal Belgian Football Association.
  • Achieved championship and vice-championship titles with the prospecting team of West Flanders, assuming a coaching role.
  • Held positions as a youth coach for KSV.Waregem, working with provincial and national cadets, as well as U.E.F.A. juniors. Also served as a member of the prospecting committee.
  • Took on the role of General Coordinator for youth players at KSV.Waregem.
  • Engaged in opponent analysis and player prospecting for the first team of KSV.Waregem.
  • Held the position of Head Coach in the National division for KWS.Lauwe and SVD.Handzame.
  • Further coaching experience in the Provincial division with FC.Varsenare, KS.Blankenberge, and VC.Beernem.
  • Coached the National 2nd team for KSV.Ingelmunster and KSV.Waregem.
  • Served as the First Team Field Coach for KSV.Waregem in the season preceding the fusion with Zulte.
  • Contributed as the Coach of Revalidations for the first team of SV.Zulte Waregem after the fusion.
  • Assumed the role of Chief Scout for SV.Zulte Waregem and became a member of the sports unit.
  • Spent 5 years as a Teacher at the Federal Training School affiliated with the Royal Belgian Football Association.
  • Engaged in prospecting for the UEFA Cup for SV.Zulte Waregem.
  • Conducted international prospecting recruitment in countries such as France, Netherlands, Germany, and Croatia.
  • Served as the General Prospector and Chief Scout for FC.Brussels, involved in analyzing opponents and scouting players in Belgium and France.
  • Conducted national and international prospecting for Beerschot.
  • Held the position of Chief Scout for Waasland-Beveren and was a member of the sports unit, contributing to both national and international prospecting.
  • Engaged in national and international scouting for the 1st team of KV.Kortrijk, contributing to video and screening analyses for the club.