Within The Scouting Company, my role encompasses that of Dutch life scout.


  1. I-Scout Consultant (6 years)
    • Collaborated with numerous Egyptian clubs, aiding in the identification and recruitment of potential talents within Egypt and the broader African region.
    • Facilitated several transfers from the Egyptian and African market to clubs in the Gulf region.
  2. Events Coordination
    • Managed logistics, supplies, and arrangements for the Cote D’Ivoire national team during their stay in Egypt for AFCON in June 2019, ensuring smooth operations for training grounds, accommodations, and other essential needs.
    • Oversaw logistics and provisions for the Nigeria U-23 national team during their participation in AFCONU23-Egypt in December 2019, organizing training facilities, accommodations, and other essential services.
  3. Camps and Games Organization
    • Contributed to the organization and execution of various games and camps in Egypt, Senegal, and Algeria, providing support in logistics and coordination.